Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy talk like a pirate day!

Yarr, me hearties! Shiver me timbers it be September the 19th already! A happy talk like a pirate day to all ye land lubbers out there.

Avast! We suggest ye weigh anchor o'er at TellTale Games' special pirate page before the old bell strikes 12 times for free booty: an episode of any of their bilge-sucking games! Well blow me down!

Tales of Monkey Island (Happy talk like a pirate day)Old salty seadogs among ye will already know of their Tales of Monkey Island releases this here year, starring that silver tongued whippersnapper Guybrush Threepwood -- and we'll make all ye SCUMM sucking scurvy dogs swab the poop deck unless ye pick up an episode of it if ye haven't already! Savvy?

Aye that be all, we're off to bury our heads in a drum of rum until we've thrown all sheets to the wind, arrrrr..

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