Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mighty haul of Anglo Saxon treasure uncovered

In Staffordshire, England, a mighty haul of Anglo Saxon treasure has been discovered this week by one man with a metal detector.

It's gold, not freshly baked biscuits. We promise.
Treasure finder Terry Herbert with items from the hoard
[image source bbc]

55 year old Terry Herbert (pictured above) made the discovery while detecting on a friend's piece of farmland. Both the land owner and himself stand to receive a substantial reward for the discovery, which itself - being classified as treasure - belongs to the crown (Royal Family).

A whopping 5KG of gold and 2.5KG of silver have been uncovered on the site so far, comprising some 1500 individual items.

Experts say the hoard will redefine views of Anglo-Saxon Britain providing a wealth of information.

Items in the hoard tend to be mostly military trophies or equipment, such as sword fittings. With no more feminine items such as brooches as yet found.

Some of the artifacts discovered and still being cleaned up
Golden sword fitting (anglo-saxon treasure)Fish and eagles design  (anglo-saxon treasure)Helmet cheek plate  (anglo-saxon treasure)
Inscription on gold strip (anglo-saxon treasure)Various items from the hoard (anglo-saxon treasure)
[image source bbc/apf/getty]

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