Thursday, October 1, 2009

Google logo: Mahatma Gandhi's birthday

Google is celebrating, by changing its logo, the birthday on October 2nd of one of the world's great past spiritual leaders, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Though we usually just refer to him as Gandhi, or with his title Mahatma - meaning "great soul".

He was born on October the 2nd in 1869, and assassinated by a fellow Hindu on January 30th 1948. The great
pacifist's life is well remembered even over 60 years since his passing.

At 19 he went to England to study law - later becoming a lawyer. During his studies he uncovered Henry David Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" and began to form his principals of non-violence.

He returned to India for 2 years before moving to South Africa, where he would spend the next 20 years of his life.

He founded the Natal Indian Congress to stand up for Indian rights after being subjected to a fair amount of racism during his time in South Africa.

He championed peaceful protests against anti-asian laws with thousands of Indians joining with him.

Back in India, in 1914, he started camppaigning for Indian rule and peace and understanding between all religious groups.

Within 5 years he had helped found and become leader of the Indian National Congress party, launching a movement against British rule in India. With mounting followers his wish for an India free of the British Empire was granted in 1947.

Despite this, there was a disappointment for him as India and Pakistan segregated to avoid a civil war, leading to riots between the Hindus and Muslims.

Again, he campaigned for peace and understanding. Even going on a hungar strike until the problems were resolved. But on his way to a prayer meeting, he was shot three times in the chest at the age of 78 by a fellow Hindu who felt he had betrayed the Hindu cause.

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