Thursday, October 1, 2009

Michael Jackson's autopsy details reveal cosmetic surgery secrets

Fascinating details have been released from the autopsy of pop king Michael Jackson, that shed light on some of the cosmetic surgery he must have undertaken over the years.

The star died earlier in the year from an overdose administered by his personal doctor. He had inflamed lungs and
arthritis, but was generally determined to be in good health for his age, and not underweight.

Despite this there were dozens of puncture marks on his arms from injections.

Cosmetically we find he had:

- Lips tattooed pink

- Eyebrows tattooed

- A tattoo on the front of his scalp, presumably to mask a bald patch that had developed. The rest of his hair being described as short and curly.

- Lack of skin pigmentation on his face, arms, and upper body.

- A number of surgical scars, including behind his ears, and beside his nostrils.

Whether Jackson's skin pigmentation was truely due to vitiligo or not wasn't disclosed. It's always possible he had mild vitiligo which then induced him to make the rest of his skin uniform, under the media pressure of the spot-light where appearance is so important.

Further reading
- BBC: Jackson autopsy details revealed


  1. I feel sorry for the poor guy. He was obviously disconnected from reality but always tried to send a good message. I can't imagine what it must have been lik eto live in that crucible of pressure!

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